Riga, October 24, 2014


Ferratum group operates in 20+ countries (https://www.ferratumgroup.com/get-in-touch) in the consumer financial sector/banking services with a Drupal front end used in over 40 web sites. 

Our slogan "More than money to everyone" is a promise - to a fast, uncomplicated and confidential lending service to all of our customers around the globe, independent of their location.

Loans are offered via digital formats - internet and mobile - to give greatest possible mobility, access and speed.

A pioneer in the industry, Ferratum was the first company to launch the Mobile Microloan service in Europe. Since then, the Ferratum Group has rapidly grown in nine years with 23 offices world-wide today, over 340 staff and having served over 2.4 million registered customers globally.


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